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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



product video

product video

solar wireless Traffic Light Controller solution with detector function


solar wireless traffic controller solution

Solar wireless traffic controler system is China traffic lights in the field of advanced features of the system, except with wireless capabilities to facilitate the project chisel road trouble, and also with a sense function. To feel capable of sensing the road late at night when nobody can transmit signals, saving time for drivers.

Basic Characteristics of solar wireless traffic controller solution

1, Microprocessor based, fully electronic
2, Modular in design for easy maintenance
3, Upgradeable from 4 to 24 phases
4, LED phase indicators on the driver modules
5, CAN digital communication
6, User friendly man-machine interface:3.5’ LCD and 6*3keypad, and 6 single keys for special function
7, 7-16 signal driving outputs
8, Fuse protected driver output PSU with LED indicators
9, 24 Loop Detector inputs(Optional)
10, Advanced Manual Panel facility
11, Communication: GPRS, LAN, Micro USB ports
12, Traffic Remote Management System (RMS) available(Optional)
13, 16 Slave Controllers available(optional)
14, Windows based operating system for security
15, GPS Real-time clock for wireless sync available(Optional)
16, Hand Held Unit for easy diagnostics
17, 1%-100% energy saving adjustment, automatic brightness control
18, Historical data memory up to ten year

Safety Features of traffic controller solution with detector function:

1,Automatic Slave Controllers faulty detecting
2, Battery voltage monitoring(Solar Power), Low Power Alarm
Error logs sent to traffic monitoring center when networked
4, Automatic selection of Flashing program on error conditions and communication failure
.5,Controller faults reported back to RMS
6, Accessible to emergency state at any time
7, Green Conflict Monitoring
8, Frequency channel can be setting via switch.
433MHz frequency work for whole system

These is a examples, we can also be implemented according to the specific crossing amend the proposal to replace lamps can also be based on the requirements of customers.


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