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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



product video

product video

12inch led traffic lights with digital countdown timer


traffic light traffic light 100mm parking led traffic lights traffic light back to back traffic lihts
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  • traffic light
  • traffic light
  • traffic light
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 traffic lights certificate

parking traffic lights description

item:NBJD313F-3+DJS321-RG  12inch led traffic lights with digital countdown timer,traffic signal lights

1)housing materal:PC (PMMA)
2) 300mm /12" diameter
3)voltage:12-24VDC,85-265v AC
4)Power consumption: less than 12W
5)Housing color: black color and safety yellow color for choose. Safety yellow color is in USA standard.

parking red green lights spedification


LED quantity (pcs)

Luminous (cd )

Wavelength (nm )

Power consumption (W )



Gross weight






12-24VDC,85-265v AC



13.5 KG
yellow 121 800 590± 5 <12 12-24VDC,85-265v AC round
Green 121  800  505±2 <12 12-24VDC,85-265v AC round
red timer 112 800 625±5 <12 12-24VDC,85-265v AC round
green timer 112 800 505±2 <12 12-24VDC,85-265v AC round

Installation of 12inch led traffic lights with digital countdown timer

12inch led traffic lights
 300mm led traffic lights

300mm traffic lights

led traffic signal lights
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