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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



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product video

traffic signal controller


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parking red green lights spedification

Item NO.:NBTLC-6
NOBLE Intelligent Traffic Signal Controller Catalog:

1,NBTLC-6                 2,NBTLC-10             3,NBTLC-12       4,NBTLC-18

5,NBTLC-20                6,NBTLC-24             7,NBTLC-28       8,NBTLC-52

Green flash time(s)

Green Flash Frequency (Hz)

Yellow Flash Frequency (Hz)

Power Voltage


Nominal Output Current

Per Line






Power Consumption


Loaded Power






Size (mm)


















1. Green Conflict Test Technique: when the green clash occurs, the signalized instantly changes to yellow flash status. It adopts current sampling, whenever the silicon controlled rectifier damaged (lightning strike) or the signal light broken, it can test.

2. Power Failure Protection: The parameters set in the controller is 10C ~ 64C transmittal technical CMOS chip, the data is credibility, when power cut the machine inside data of lasts for more than 10 years.

3. There are 10~64 lines of signal output, and it can control 10~64 different traffic lights.

4. Night off, yellow flash. Night off and yellow flash time can change.

5. It is equipped with the manual/automatic control modes. Press "Auto/Manual" button to enter the manual mode. The signal light maintains the current status and with each pressing of the Manual button, the signal light changes the current procedure. In the normal operation mode, the controller displays the current time. In case of deviation from the standard time, it can be corrected. Yellow light transit time: can be set between 0-255 seconds. Left turn lane passing time: can be set between 0-255 seconds. Straight lane passing time: can be set between 0-250 seconds.Right turn lane passing time: can be set between 0-255 seconds.

6. Online set feature: In the course of the setting, the controller operates normally and the confusion will not occur at the crossing.

7. Output is Real zero cross trigger protection and high-power silicon controlled rectifier, improve the security. Even output short, it cannot damage the silicon controlled rectifier.

8. Panel display simulating the lanes and the pavements at the crossing.

9. The operating procedure can be altered as required by the client to meet the different needs.

Unit Packing:

1 set/



Outer Size(mm):














parking red green lights spedification

East connect west together,north connect south together series:

NBTLC-6:red+yellow+green(east-west vehicle:3 channels+North-South vehicle:3 channels,total:6channels)


Our Traffic signal control power plug is optional, and mainly consists of several:
traffic signal controller

traffic signal controller

12VC parking system

300mm traffic lights

led traffic signal lights
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