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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



product video

product video

0.2Kg Single Channel Inductive Traffic Loop Detector For Parking System

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 product video

red traffic signal lights

Model Number: NBLD-100 Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Noble Certification: CE&RoHS
Supply Ability: 50000pieces/month Packaging Details: Carton box 135*85*50,10 pieses
Delivery Time: 2-5days Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Channel: Single Channel N/W: 0.18Kg
Voltage: 12-24V/ 85-220V Response Time: 10-90MS
Material: PC Material Warranty: 2 Years

Loop detectors in recent years have become a popular tool having innumerable applications in policing, right from surveillance operations to traffic control. Automation of gates and doors has become a popular usage of the loop detector.

induction loop d

red traffic signal lights

1) Reset Switch : The reset switch enables the detector to be manually reset during  commissioning and testing . This results in the detector re-tuning the sensing loop and becoming ready for vehicle detection ;
2) Selectable Pulse Time : This feature sets the length of time that the pulse relay will be energized for 1 Second or 0.5 Seconds ;
3) Pulse Relay Selection : The Pulse Relay may be configured to energize on detection of a vehicle or when the vehicle leaves the loop ;
4) Sensitivity Boost : This feature sets the undetect level to maximum sensitivity and is used to prevent loss of detection of high-bed vehicles ;
5) Switch Selectable Sensibility : 11 levers adjustable sensitivity setting are available on the switches to allow flexibility in configuration ;
6) Switch Selectable Frequency : 4 frequency settings are available to prevent cross-talk between adjacent loops ;
7) Filter Option : This option is used to provide a delay between detection of the vehicle and  switchiing of the output relay . This relay is normally used to prevent false detection of small or fast moving objects ;
8) Permanent Presence Option : This feature ensure detection of the vehicle will be maintained when the vehicle is parked over the loop for extended periods .

red traffic signal lights

Self-turning range 20-2000μH
Response Times 10-90MS
Sensitivity 16 way selectable levels
Visual Indications Power LED-Red, Channel LED-Green
Frequency Four step switch, selectable 20-80KHz
Relay Output Presence Relay/Fault Relay
Power Requirements 110-240VAC (48 to 62Hz)
Fault Output Blinks slowly, Blinks faster
Reset Reset by push button on front of enclosure
Product size 92*76*42mm
Label Language English
Connections 11-pin Submagnal
Storage Temperature -40 to 80 Celsius degree
Normal Working Temperature -40 to 70 Celsius degree


  1. To arm card readers and ticket dispensers.
  2. As a barrier/gate/door closing detector.
  3. As a barrier/gate/door opening detector (Free exit).
  4. To generate pulses for counting vehicles.
  5. vehicles in parking and vehicle access control applications.

loop detector projects

Loop Installation:

The loops are sealed using a “quick-set” black epoxy compound or hot bitumen mastic to blend with the
roadway surface.

Loop perimeter

Cylinder numbers

3 ~ 4 M


4 ~ 6 M 5

6 ~ 10 M

10 ~ 20 M 3

20 M~ UP


Competitive Advantage:

Self-turning range: 20-2000μH

Response Times: Turn-on 10-90MS

                  Turn-off 10-90MS

Sensitivity: 16 way selectable                                        

                  Highest 0.010% DL/L                                     

                  Lowest 2.56% DL/L




If the detector is not working?

Press reset

If red led indicator is not fully lit? Check for power supply

 If green led indicator ?

Blinks slowly?  It maybe because the loop is short circuit or the no: of turns is not enough
 Blinks faster?  It maybe because the loop is open or the no: of turns is too many.

 If no: of turns is not enough?

Lower the frequency (if the frequency is still too high, you must add more turns).
 If no: of turns is too many? Higher the frequency (if the frequency is still too low, you must remove some turns). 

Loop detector order information:

LD-100  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC
LD-102  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC
LD-105  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC
LD-106  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC


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Compare Video(with Nortech,EMX,Procon,BEA,and China Red loop detector:


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