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Portable traffic solution

Portable intersection

When road maintenance requires temporary road closure or single lane release, you can purchase our portable traffic light to temporarily achieve traffic control. Since solar power and wireless communication are used, installation and disassembly are very convenient.

Crossroads traffic control system junction display

Normal project:

No. Product Picture Model No. Model Name Quantity (pcs)
1 NBTSC-100 (2nd generation traffic management) Solar power intelligent traffic signal controller 1
2 NBJD313-3 300mm led traffic light 4pcs
3 NBRX312F-2 300mm pedestrian traffic light red &green 8pcs
4 NBPPB-2 pedestrian push button 8pcs
5 NBSB-100AH 100AH 12VDC Solar battery 4pcs
6 NBSP-100W 100W 12VDC Solar panel 4pcs
7 NBSC-01 Solar charge 4pcs
8 NBPPB-8WR pedestrian push button signal receiver 4pcs
9 NBWS213-2 Only Portable cart boby 4sets






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