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  • Mobile phone APP to remote control the controller by wifi

    GPRS/Ethernet internet communicate to traffic management center control the controller by software. LAN, WLAN on TCP/IP.

  • GPS Real-time clock for wireless sync available
  • Technique of PWM to control the brightness of the light
  • Green conflict setting and detection function
  • Fuse protected driver output PSU with LED indicators Traffic Manual(force flashing mode) can work for you.
  • Lamp faliure detect function, can detect the lamp short circiut, open circuit, output short/open circuit.
  • Vehicle loop detect function Wireless pedestrian push button 32 digits ARM CPU.
  • 1 master and 4 slave controller work together by wireless

    1%-100% energy saving adjustment, automatic brightness control (time,voltage)

  • Fault diagnose function for open or close.
2nd generation main power traffic light controller system
Type NBTSC-200
Working voltage 120VAC/230VAC
Standby power <10W
Signal light output 16 signal group,16A each
Pedestrian button signal input 8 sensor input
Ground sense signal input 8 sensor input
Time error annual error<2.5munutes(under the condition lf 25±1 ℃ )
Power-down data storage 10 years
Working temperature -40-70 ℃
Working Environment 0 to 55 ℃
main power traffic controller project

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