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The LD-200 Enhanced single channel detectors can be used in a variety of applications in the parking and door / gate environments:
1. To arm card readers and ticket dispensers.
2. As a barrier/gate/door closing detector.
3. As a barrier/gate/door opening detector (Free exit).
4. To generate pulses for counting vehicles. 


Direction Detection:


If vehicle moves from CH1 to CH2, and left CH1, then CH1 relay pulse output; if vehicle moves from CH2 to CH1, and left CH2, then CH2 relay pulse output




The loop consists of several loops of wire and consideration

should be giving to the loop sensitivity when installing on different surfaces. Setting the correct sensitivity allows the loop to operate with maximum detection (16 levels via a trimpot). When detection occurs, the detector energises 2 relays for the output (each can be configured individually). This energising of the relay can be configured into different modes, by selecting the respective dip switch.

Sensitivity Selection
       Sensitivity of the loop can be adjusted by the trimpot labeled “Sensitivity”. User can select 16 different setting by turning the trimpot with 0 being the least sensitive and “F” being the most sensitive.

Loop detectors in recent years have become a popular tool having innumerable applications in policing, right from surveillance operations to traffic control. Automation of gates and doors has become a popular usage of the loop detector.

The NBT-ILD™ vehicle loop detector is compatible with most gate operators. The ULT-MVP may be used in Center, Safety and Exit loop positions.Fifteen sensitivity settings allow for fine adjustment of the detection level.

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loop detector


Model: NBLD206
Supply voltage AC: 12-24VDC(USA standard)
Frequency range: 20KHz to 100 KHz
Sensitivity: adjustable in 16 increments
Reaction time: 10ms
Loop inductance: Ideal: 100H to 300H (incl. conn. wiring)
Environment Compensation: Automatic drift compensation
Loop connection: <5m optimal, twisted at least 20 times per meter, <10 total resistor
Operating temperature: -20 to +65C
Storage temperature: -40 to +85C
Relative Humidity: <90%

Symptoms Solution
If the detector is not working
Check for power supply
Blinks slowly It maybe because the loop is short circuit or the no: of turns is not enough.
Blinks faster It maybe because the loop is open or the no: of turns is too many.
If no: of turns is not enough Lower the frequency (if the frequency is still too high, you must add more turns).
If no: of turns is too many
Higher the frequency (if the frequency is still too low, you must remove some turns).

loop detector

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